Solving Crimes

Crime prevention and criminal investigations are paramount to me. Solving crimes for victims is my number one priority to our citizens. Criminals follow the path of least resistance, and due to recent aggressive law enforcement initiatives in Marion County, crime is flowing downstream to our neighborhoods and businesses in Johnson County. As sheriff, I will push back and force criminal behavior out of our community. I understand crime can occur anywhere, but my goal is not to have it in our backyard. I will strengthen the investigation division with personnel, equipment, training, and other resources. I would rather solve a burglary investegation or any crime our residents might become the victim of rather than write them a traffic ticket.

Drug Epidemic

The drug epidemic needs to be effectively addressed. Drugs are out of control, not only in Johnson County, but across the state of Indiana and across the country. Did you know in 2015, Johnson County reported about 20 drug overdose deaths and in 2016 Johnson County reported about 40 drug overdose deaths. That is a 100% increase in only a twelve-month period. I pledge to aggressively attack the drug epidemic. My plan is a holistic approach of spirituality, accountability, education, collaboration and treatment. I will partner with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to interdict drug trafficking and drug dealing coming into and out of Johnson County, while at the same time I will partner with the medical community to provide programs and services to those who have fallen victim to the drug epidemic to get them the treatment they need, so I can keep them out of the criminal justice system permanently. I believe these steps will reduce repeat offenders and alleviate some jail overcrowding, as well as promote a more healthy, productive community.

Working With The County Council & Commissioners

I understand the importance of working with the Johnson County Council and Commissioners to create an effective, efficient, and fiscally responsible department. As Sheriff, I will present proposals to resolve jail overcrowding. The current jail was built in 1977. In 1997, the American Civil Liberties Union sued the county due to jail overcrowding. As a result, the jail added 195 beds. However, since 2002, only 23 more bed spaces have been added. Another lawsuit is imminent. As sheriff, I will provide solutions to address jail overcrowding that are effective, administratively sound, and fiscally responsible. My experience has shown me the value of all employees, civilian staff, correctional officers, reserve, and merit deputies. My vision is for the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department to be a premier law enforcement agency in Indiana.

MAY 8TH, 2018

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